Video Production Services

We make video productions with modern filming equipment, both from the ground and from the air. We have compact filming equipment and we can make filming projects with easy moving and cost-effective manner.


More than 80% of the public would rather watch videos than pictures or texts. That’s why video advertising is used more and more in modern digital marketing and social communication.

In the script phase of the video production, we always take into account the target groups and the content, with which we aim to target effectively. The project includes e.g. filming plan, script, filming needs and means, possible subtitles and/or commentary. The plan can include, for example, interview situations, drone footage or sound production. In the post-production of the video, all filming and sound materials are compiled into a video and edited into publication formats.


In addition to traditional camera photography, we also offer drone photography. Drone photography is an excellent way to capture images or video of the environment, events or situations where a big perspective is needed. We offer modern aerial photography equipment and a registered drone pilot. We use modern and high-quality Drone equipment in the filming, so accurate image quality, stability and quick deployment guarantee the recording of the situation.

Targets for drone photography include, for example, TV and commercial photography, terrain and event photography. In drone filming, we primarily put safety first. We closely follow the weather reports as the shooting approaches, and the time of the shooting will become more precise with the weather. We do not film in strong wind, rain or snow.


With animation videos, even complicated things are easier to understand and the message is delivered more reliably. Whether it is a company’s versatile service or a product that is difficult to inform about, animations simplify the desired message and bring life to the message. Animated presentations offer an excellent way to present a product or service. With the help of animation, you can show the image of the product and the company’s brand in a short time and without extensive filming visits.


We capture videos or images from the ground, from the air or in 360 format. Whether it’s animations, videos or TV commercials, we capture the situations. We are available when you also need someone who understands advertising as an implementer.

Our compact filming equipment enables quick visits. Our equipment includes Full HD / 4K filming cameras and auxiliary equipment, DJI Ronin and drone filming helicopters, GoPro cameras and 360 filming equipment. Various audio recording devices and microphones are also part of the our equipment.


We have make advertising videos, animations and TV commercials as well as experience videos for our customers.


Do you need video advertising to support your marketing? Contact us and I will tell you more about our video productions.

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